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Original song by ryo: Translation by soundares: UST by sango312 (Cover-P): Old film effect by Lutz Albrecht: Picture and mixing: myself (brushes:

So the very first UTAU-related thing I had EVER uploaded was Ruko's cover of "Love is War". Unfortunately, it was the GUY version of the UST, and me being a n00b to UTAU and Japanese in general, I thought that the person had just really screwed up the lyrics. I mean, I had seen that one Toeto UST, so I knew it was possible. And I tried to CHANGE it to fit the "real" version of the song, but got lazy about halfway through. And the fact that I had no clue how to use UTAU made it... well, yeah.

But, as you can see (or hear)... I got better. 8D

Fffuuu the harmonies were a real beeyotch. They change almost every other verse. That should be illegal. I listened to so many versions of the song JUST TO TRY AND HEAR THE HARMONIES. And I spent so much time editing the UST which was in romaji and Ruko HATES romaji. Also to make her sound emmmmmotional. I really like how this turned out, though. (A lot better than that other one, at least.)

I used Ruko's strong voicebank for this. I am in love with her strong voicebank. I want to have her strong voicebank's babies. *shot* But yeah.

That craptastic picture in the beginning is actually the picture I drew for that first Love is War cover. Apparently my art skills also got better... sort of. Maybe? XD

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